flashcardsLearn with space repetition.Joris10 days
cookingShow recipes with adjustable ingredient portions.Joris6 weeks
chordsView a succesion of randomly generated Chords.Joris8 weeks
tabataConfigure and run Tabata timers.Joris3 months
personal-pageStatic HTML page for my resume and projects.Joris3 months
budgetShare payments with a group of people.Joris3 months
glycemieSort food by glycemic load.Joris3 months
installInstallation instructions to setup my laptop.Joris4 months
drumDefine a drum sequence to play in a loop.Joris5 months
readingGuide middle school students to find a book with faceted search.Joris5 months
yogaShow Yoga postures.Joris5 months
visorando-scraperProduce a CSV from hikings on Visorando.Joris5 months
todoOrganize Todos.Joris5 months
timerConfigure and run timers.Joris5 months
shootShoot game.Joris5 months
scalajs-spaScalaJS client example with monadic-html.Joris5 months
scalajs-githubScalaJS client example with scalatags.Joris5 months
proxyDeny connection to specific sites on specific times.Joris5 months
perfumeScrap perfume data from months
mapPut customized markers on a map.Joris5 months
makeupWebSite around makeup.Joris5 months
jardinShow gardening information about vegetables.Joris5 months
github-statsSearch for repositories on GitHub and view statistics.Joris5 months
game-of-lifeGame of Life with Rust and Wasm.Joris5 months
eventsNotify by email if there are events this day.Joris5 months
electricite-chisloupWebSite for √Člectricite-CHISLOUP.Joris5 months
config-managerConfiguration management library.Joris5 months
catchvoidCatch the points of your color, avoid the others.Joris5 months
calendarOrganize events.Joris5 months
ad-listenerSend a mail whenever a new add comes up.Joris5 months