AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysFix sync testsmainJoris
10 daysSpeed up deck synchronizationJoris
11 daysGo to evaluation if answer is correct when typingJoris
2022-11-21Use f-strings when convenientJoris
2022-11-21Upgrade rust versionJoris
2022-11-21Show errors in TUI instead of nothingJoris
2022-11-02Fix reading the deck when it contains a minusJoris
2022-11-02Allow to use Control-C to quit in messageJoris
2022-11-02Allow comments at end of linesJoris
2022-10-27Don’t show responses when correctJoris
2022-10-22Remove whitespaces in responseJoris
2022-10-09Allow to abort when selecting difficultyJoris
2022-10-09Replace the cursor by a space in answer modeJoris
2022-10-09Format codeJoris
2022-10-09Show cursor only when writingJoris
2022-10-09Trim input when checking for emptynessJoris
2022-10-09Abort with C-cJoris
2022-10-09Let one space wher removing last wordJoris
2022-10-09Show cursorJoris
2022-09-12React to C-u and C-w keysJoris
2022-09-12Trim input when checking responsesJoris
2022-07-10Add public licenseJoris
2022-03-20Show screenshot in READMEJoris
2022-02-26Fix linter warningsJoris
2022-02-13Modify synchronizing messageJoris
2022-02-13Synchronize deck only if necessaryJoris
2022-02-13Properly shuffle card presentation from card insertionJoris
2022-02-12Hide deck extension when showing titleJoris
2022-02-12Show current progress after the deck nameJoris
2022-02-12Say when the next card will be availableJoris
2022-02-06fixup! Replace a card whenever the front or the back changedJoris
2022-02-06Ask only for the deck pathJoris
2022-02-06Say that it uses SM2 AnkiJoris
2022-02-06Give indications in parenthesisJoris
2022-02-06Replace a card whenever the front or the back changedJoris
2022-01-29Read deck path from arguments as wellJoris
2022-01-26Read database path from argumentsJoris
2022-01-26Shuffle initial presentiation order from insert orderJoris
2021-11-19Add initial working versionJoris
2021-11-14Initial commitJoris